Strategic Planning

In accordance with its bylaws, the Agency aims to provide services for the accreditation of Programs of Higher Education Studies.

In order to concentrate the operation of the Agency in its early years, a strategic plan has been defined with the following fundamental elements:


Acredita CI is a company of the Colegio de Ingenieros de Chile A.G., created with the purpose of guaranteeing the quality of teaching in Higher Education, particularly in the disciplines of engineering, economy and administration and other related ones, and in the areas of Technology, Administration and Commerce and Agriculture, in their different levels of formation.


Acredita CI will be an active member of the national and international system for guaranteeing the quality of Higher Education, providing services in the accreditation of degrees and programs of the national and foreign Higher Education, in all the levels of formation of the areas of Technology, Administration and Commerce, Agriculture and Sciences, characterized by the excellence, opinion independence and transparency in its decisions, spreading the importance of the accreditation processes of programs and degrees as a way of contributing to guarantee the quality of Higher Education.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To design, start and operate an efficient service provision system for the accreditation of degrees and programs of the Chilean Higher Education that guarantees the thoroughness and transparency of its procedures and the independence and dependability of the verdicts that need to be made.
  2. To be an active player with a significant participation in the accreditation processes of degrees and programs of the different levels of formation of the areas of Technology, Administration and Commerce and Agriculture of the Chilean Higher Education.
  3. To be an international referent as regards to the accreditation of degrees and programs of engineering, administration and commerce and the agricultural area, carrying out international alliances aimed at sharing experiences with entities of recognized experience in the evaluation of processes of Higher Education.
  4. To guarantee the economic viability of the Agency.

Basic Policies

  1. The Agency will maintain a structure and procedures aimed at achieving the excellence in the rendering of its services, the independence of its opinions regarding any external influence and the transparency of its decisions.
  2. The Agency will maintain publicly known Standards of Behavior, a Policy of Conflict of Interests and a Code of Ethics that will determine the highest standards of behavior of its directors, employees and external professionals that participate in its activities.
  3. The Agency will only render its services with the participation of faculty and professionals properly trained to carry out the functions required for such purpose in an efficient and effective manner, thus, creating a registry of faculty and professionals of the areas of knowledge in which the Agency will act with the ability to act in the different functions that it will have, particularly to be part of the Technical Committees and Evaluation Peers.
  4. The Agency will maintain publicly known requirements and procedures for the evaluation of programs and degrees for each area and level of formation of Higher Education, sustained in measurements or objective qualifications in agreement with the progress level of the sciences, technologies and educational methods.
  5. The Agency will have a communication system of its activities for the knowledge of the institutions related with the Higher Education and of the public in general.
  6. The Agency will favor the exchange of knowledge related with the national and international Higher Education, subscribing cooperation agreements with international agencies that have a strong prestige in the formation of technicians and professionals in the different areas of knowledge.
  7. The Agency will carry out periodic workshops or seminars aimed at training and upgrading its professionals and associates in order to maintain a highly qualified body of evaluators of programs and degrees of the Higher Education.
  8. The Agency will promote the importance of guaranteeing the quality of the Higher Education, offering seminars on teaching processes and accreditation.
  9. The Agency will use a commercial policy with a wage structure that allows the recovery of all the costs associated with the rendering of its services and that benefits the shareholders of this society.