Cost of program accreditation

The Agency declares a policy of fairness in its fee structure, which implies equal rates in any geographical location in the country, without variations between programs in the same situation and evaluation mode.

The basic unit corresponds to a professional program with the Peer evaluation Committee that includes a president and two peer evaluators, accompanied by a Visiting Secretary, for a 3-day visit to a headquarters. The basic tariff in these conditions is, for the year 2016 of 370 UF, value exempt of taxes. See $/UF per day value in

Venues where the program is taught and the number of derived mentions, according to the required resources, in proportion to those defined in the basic unit.

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Application for Incorporation into the Accreditation Process pdf version
Contract Type of Provision of Accreditation Services (1) pdf version

(1) Standard contract to be used, to which minor administrative modifications may be made, without affecting the independence of Acredita CI’s accreditation trials.

Cost of implementing post-accreditation changes

The National Accreditation Commission – CNA Chile – through its regulation published in “Diario Oficial” on 10 December 2016, instructs the Accreditation Agencies on criteria and procedures applicable to programs that inform the Agency of substantive changes when have current accreditation.

For the application of these criteria and procedures, Acredita CI establishes the tariff of 75 UF, value exempt of taxes, which:

  • It will depend on the request, being directly related to the number of venues, days and / or modalities that are included in the request.
  • The value includes all transportation and food expenses for the evaluator (s) and Visitor Secretary.
  • The standard fee in any case, is the one referred to 1 evaluator, 1 visiting secretary, for a half-day visit at a headquarters, including all the expenses of transportation and food of the committee.